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From conception to final delivery, our production values have it covered

Here are some of the ways we can help your company.


Endrawer Media on location

We can scale our services to match your needs because of our extensive experience in the broadcast industry. This makes us ideal for video capture whether it be a one-man single-camera set-up or full multi-camera event coverage. We can offer a tone and style to suit any production ranging from promotional and training videos through to documentary-style films.

We shoot on High Definition to ensure the best picture quality possible, using broadcast-standard Sony XDcam HD solid state cameras, and can deliver in any format required – examples include Blu-ray, DVD and CD for physical media or AVI, WMV and Quicktime files, which can be embedded within your intranet, website or other presentation outlets such as PowerPoint or PDF presentations.

Post Production, Editing and Delivery

Endrawer Media offers a full post production service, utilising non-linear digital editing, voice-overs, music, motion graphics, the latest 2D and 3D animation techniques, foreign language translation, DVD and Blu-ray authoring and design.

We have the delivery covered as well – we're able to offer full duplication services, custom packaging and labelling creation. When it comes to web content, we'll work with your website administrator to make sure you get the right format for the job. We can convert to and from any format, retaining the quality of the original source material as much as possible.

We always operate with technical excellence in mind, maintaining the highest standards of quality throughout.


We can deliver high resolution digital stills photography across a wide range of disciplines including Commercial/Product, Industrial, Architectural, Medical, Executive, People, Products, Processes, Records, Events, Awards – and anything else that you want to capture.

Within our photographic post production process, we are able to manipulate your existing portfolio of photography to enhance images or address any technical issues. For example, we can remove an object in the photograph or add an element. We have even been able to salvage photographs that have been torn or damaged.

Asset Management

We are able to store, catalogue and index all your diverse media files for immediate or remote access as and when you require them.


Your production may require a particular form of specialisation. We offer the following:

Aerial photography and filming – filming from the open door of a plane or helicopter or, for better image stability, shooting the video from a remotely-operated gyro-stabilised camera mounted to the aircraft.

Time-lapse video capture – this specialisation compresses a lengthy process into a eye-catching short montage. For instance, a shop re-fitting over the course of a weekend can be can be reduced to last just a single minute.

High-speed video capture – 1,000 frames per second and beyond; slow down fast action sequences to reveal the hidden detail in the motion for maximum impact.

Mini-cameras and covert filming – these small cameras can be used in tight spaces or cramped situations. Ideal for in-car shots or unusual camera positions.

Motion control – allows a specific camera move to be repeated over and over again; perfect for 'magically' adding or removing subjects from the shot and introducing special FX and CGI elements.

Cranes and cherry pickers – allows for a different perspective on the scene from high up, giving a dramatic 'world view' of the action.

Vehicle tracking – ideal for keeping up with fast moving objects. Used frequently for car-to-car filming.

An Eye on the Horizon

Your identity and branding future-proofed

Endrawer Media is always monitoring and investing in the latest technology. This philosophy ensures that we are able to provide the best, most relevant and contemporary solutions for your needs, and in turn shows your customers that your company is always at the cutting edge of communications technology.

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